• Study in the UK

    The United Kingdom is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland。The time difference with China is 8 hours, which belongs to the temperate maritime climate。Business, media and engineering are all strong majors in the country's colleges and universities...

    <2017-06-02 09:50:33>
  • Study in South Korea

    About South Korea The full name of South Korea&ldquo;Republic of Korea&rdquo;It is located in the south of the Korean Peninsula&ldquo;38th parallel&rdquo;Adjacent to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, area 9.930,000 square kilometers, north and south...

    <2017-06-02 09:16:25>
  • Study in Germany

    German universities are mainly divided into three categories: comprehensive universities, applied technology universities, and art universities, and various types of colleges and universities have different focuses and different scales。

    <2017-06-02 08:39:18>
  • 2017 Boren University, Thailand

    Boren University of Thailand (DPU)
    Founded in 1968
    Thailand ranked first in economic and trade education
    One of the top five private universities in the overall ranking
    It is also the only one in Thailand that has won the first prize of higher education Quality certification...

    <2017-05-04 22:25:17>
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