Deke Highlights | Dean Qi Junzhong conducted research in each secondary school and department

Date: 2023-10-18 Publisher:Financial media center

       In order to comprehensively understand the teaching, scientific research, faculty, student management and other aspects of each secondary school department, further improve the management efficiency and governance level, and promote the high-quality development of the school, from October 7 to 13, the dean of the school Qi Junzhong visited 11 secondary schools and departments to carry out research in the form of field visits and discussions。Sun Qiangqiang, member of the Party Committee of the College and director of the office, the head of the academic Affairs Office, the scientific Research Office, the personnel Office and other departments accompanied the investigation。

       At the symposium, in combination with the development of the college and the actual work, the heads of the second-level colleges and departments respectively made special reports on the basic situation of the department, professional discipline construction, teachers, integration of industry and education, talent training, employment services, and future work goals, development measures, existing problems and suggestions。The participating teacher representatives had face-to-face exchanges with the heads of administrative functional departments on performance distribution, teaching arrangement, and condition guarantee。

       Qi Junzhong carefully listened to the work reports and suggestions of the second-level departments, fully affirmed the work achievements of the teachers, and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with the colleges on the current key tasks and opportunities and challenges, and put forward guiding suggestions for the next step of the work of the colleges。

       Qi Junzhong pointed out,The College is in a critical period of achieving high-quality development,There are both opportunities and challenges,All secondary schools and departments should always adhere to the Party's educational policy,We will fully implement the fundamental task of building moral integrity and cultivating people,Keep up with the development of the college,Give full play to their advantages,We should earnestly improve the style of study, teaching and school,Constantly improve the quality of personnel training;Always be problem-oriented,It aims at the difficulties and pain points that restrict the development of colleges and departments and the difficulties that teachers and students have in their work and study life,That is to know and change, act and change,Effectively solve the problems of teachers and students,Continuously enhance the sense of gain and happiness of teachers and students;We should strengthen the training of young teachers,Help young teachers stand on the platform and stand on the platform through the way of "passing and guiding",Constantly improve innovative teaching concepts and optimize teaching content,Measures should be taken to strengthen the construction of teachers,Improve the quality and level of education and teaching;Cooperation between schools and enterprises should be deepened,We will continue to integrate industry and education,Actively build a good platform for school-enterprise co-construction and sharing, complementary advantages,Constantly explore new mechanisms, new models and new ways of personnel training;All functional departments should perform their duties and fulfill their responsibilities,Attach great importance to the development demands of secondary faculties,Actively and proactively solve difficulties and problems in development and construction。

       Qi Junzhong said,The construction and development of colleges and departments is a process of gradual improvement,The College will make overall plans from the actual needs and long-term development,Fully consider and absorb the opinions and suggestions of the secondary faculties,Further optimize the top-level design,Strive to build a broader platform,Actively support and promote the steady development of faculties and departments。He hoped that all second-level colleges and departments should fully tap their own potential, give full play to their professional advantages, cultivate more skilled talents, produce more high-level teaching results, and steadily promote the work of the college to a new level。

       During the investigation, Qi Junzhong and his delegation also visited the teaching buildings, office Spaces, training bases and other places of the second-level colleges and departments to inquire and understand the learning and work of teachers and students in detail。

       Cadres at or above the section level of secondary schools and departments, directors of teaching and research departments, and teachers' representatives participated in the survey。
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